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CFO Salary & Compensation 

Our CFO Salary Guide presents a detailed breakdown of CFO salaries for the 50 states within the USA.

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CFO Salary & Compensation packages – what you should pay a CFO 

In today’s competitive business environment, attracting top CFO talent requires a nuanced understanding of salary trends. Our in-depth analysis sheds light on the intricacies of a CFO compensation structure, providing valuable insights for businesses seeking to remain competitive in their executive recruitment strategies. 

Why download the CFO Recruit CFO Salary guide?

Unlike many figures published by many online job boards, our CFO salary data isn’t the product of a random internet algorithm. Our CFO Salary Guide is possibly the only guide developed through collecting salary data directly from CFOs.

How are we able to generate such accurate CFO Salary information?

We have one of the largest databases of CFO candidates in the US. Using this (and our unique online candidate registration portal), we regularly collect data from US CFOs about their current income and the salary required to entice them to consider a career move. In addition to salary insights, we also ask them about the benefits they receive. This attention to detail allows us to offer the most thorough CFO salary guide available. Updated annually, our guide provides relevant, region-specific information for the US market.

If you want the most organic and genuine non-AI generated data for CFO salaries in the USA, download our CFO salary guide now.

Key Features of Our CFO Salary Guide: 

  1. State-by-State Breakdown: Gain a granular understanding of Chief Financial Officer salaries across different states. Our comprehensive guide details the CFO average salary and the CFO salary ranges tailored to the unique economic landscapes of each region, allowing you to make informed decisions based on localized market trends. 
  2. Experience and Education Insights: Understand the impact of experience and education on CFO income. Discover how factors such as years of experience, industry certifications, and educational qualifications influence the CFO wage levels in the finance industry. 
  3. Emerging Trends: Stay ahead of the curve with our exploration of emerging trends in Chief Financial Officer compensation. From performance-based incentives to evolving benefit structures, our guide provides a forward-looking perspective to help you shape competitive and enticing offers. 
  4. Average CFO salary by company size: Delve into how company size affects CFO pay. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how the scale and structure of organizations impact average CFO salaries, ensuring your offers are tailored to industry norms. The guide lists the CFO compensation by revenue allowing you to understand the CFO salary for a small company all the way through to a CFO Fortune 500 salary.
  5. Industry Benchmarks: Compare the typical CFO salary within specific industries in both public companies and private companies to ensure your compensation packages align with sector standards.

Our guide is taken from the average CFO pay across various sectors including – technology, medical, healthcare, hospitals, construction, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, financial services, banking, insurance, utilities, retail, wholesale, life sciences, biotech, medical, hospitality, legal, hospital, energy, oil and gas, engineering, automotive, aerospace, aviation, transportation, real estate, law firms, administration, and waste management services, family office, nonprofit and many more. Please ask us if you would like specific industry CFO pay averages for your sector.

This CFO Salary Compensation Guide gives you a general understanding of the CFO salary range and the CFO average salary for your state. However, the circumstance of each organization is entirely different. When we work with you, we will give you the exact range you could expect to pay a CFO along with the CFO compensation structure. These figures will be based on several factors as discussed within this Chief Financial Officer Salary guide. 

Our guide shows the CFO salaries by company size and for each state, allowing you to discover…

  • The regional Chief Financial Officer salary ranges across the US
  • The average CFO salary for a small business / company
  • The average CFO salary of a mid size company
  • The average CFO salaries for larger corporations like Fortune 500 companies


  1. What is the average CFO Salary for the USA? The US average is $195,230 for a $10-29M turnover corporation, $227,515 for a $37-99M turnover corporation, $241,471 for a $80-149M turnover corporation, $258,118 for a $150-249M turnover corporation, $297,500 for a $250-499M turnover corporation, $361,500 for a $500-999M turnover corporation and $423,019 for a $1BN-5BN turnover corporation. However, our CFO salary guide gives you the CFO salary averages for every US state.
  2. Does the CFO salary guide give the CFO salary and compensation by company size? Yes the guide splits the CFO salary averages by company sizes across the following turnover ranges $10-29M | $30-79M | $80-149M | $150-249M | $250-499M | $500-999M | $1BN-$5BN
  3. What is the CFO salary for a small company? Our guide gives the CFO salary for small companies and startup businesses. Please use the figures in the $10-29M CFO pay range which is generally the classification for a small company. Even if you are a startup business and your turnover is less than $10m but with the intention of growing then you will need a CFO with the understanding and experience of the next phase of development. If growth is not on the agenda, then consider if you actually need a CFO and whether controller may suffice.
  4. What is the average CFO monthly salary? Our CFO salary averages are given as an annual compensation figure but if you divide these pay figures by 12 you can calculate the average monthly CFO wage.
  5. What is the salary of an assistant CFO? An assistant CFO salary is generally around 70% of the salary of a CFO. The modal salary range for an assistant CFO is 60-80%. Once the assistant is pushing beyond the top of this salary range then they are probably ready to become a CFO in their own right. See our CFO salary guide to calculate the Assiatant CFO salary for your business.
  6. How does company size influence CFO compensation? CFO salaries vary significantly based on company size, with larger organizations generally offering higher compensation. Our CFO salary guide provides detailed salary ranges for small, mid-sized, and large corporations.
  7. Are there differences in CFO salaries between industries? Yes, CFO compensation can differ widely between industries such as hospitals & healthcare, law firms, construction, venture capital, family offices, and nonprofit. The salary guide gives you an all sector average. At CFO Recruit we are able to split out industry specific data, this enables us to accurately advise the clients we work with and help them decide the appropriate CFO salary for their vacancy.
  8. What role does experience, and qualifications play in determining a CFO’s salary? Experience and education significantly influence CFO salaries. More experienced CFOs with relevant qualifications tend to command higher wages.
  9. Can I find out the average CFO salary in my state? Our CFO salary guide includes a state-by-state breakdown of CFO salaries, allowing you to assess local market trends and salary ranges.

At CFO Recruit, we’re dedicated to promoting successful partnerships between exceptional CFOs and forward-thinking organizations. Elevate your recruitment process and gain a competitive edge in attracting top financial talent with our insightful Chief Financial Officer Salary Guide. 

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