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Registration Received

Your application has been received. We will be in touch soon to confirm if your application has been approved or declined. In the meantime, please see below a video message from our USA Director.

A welcome message from our USA Director

Thank you for registering your details with CFO Recruit. We are delighted to have the opportunity to represent you when a suitable opportunity arises. Here is a welcome video explaining more about what happens next…


At CFO Recruit we want to make your life easy so we have designed our candidate registration portal to give you the flexibility to manage your account, updating it as your requirements change. In order to protect your confidentiality we ensure our clients do not have access to our database. When a corporation engages with us to appoint a CFO, we approach and discuss the vacancy with registered candidates matching the criteria of the role. There’s no need to have an initial registration interview but we will conduct a video interview about specific roles to assess suitability. 


Our aim is to increase your chances of finding suitable employment, with this in mind CFO Recruit Consultants utilize most of their time generating new vacancies for members and responding to client enquiries. Therefore, they may not be able to discuss individual vacancies with every candidate that meets the broad criteria of a position. However, please be assured, that now you are a registered member of CFO Recruit you will be considered for all relevant opportunities alongside all new applicants; therefore you will not be required to apply for any advertized positions within your search criteria. 


Due to the high volume of candidates we have registering with us, unfortunately, you may not always be shortlisted for a vacancy you believe you are suitable for. This could be due to certain criteria that is shared with us by the client that the consultant is not permitted to discuss other than with candidates shortlisted for the position.


In the event you are shortlisted for a role we will not send your details to a client until you have given us your express permission to do so. Your details will only be presented to the client after you have received a detailed brief from one of our recruiters and you are happy to be presented for the role.


Thank you once again for registering with CFO Recruit we look forward to working with you.


How will I be contact about vacancies?

When we feel there is a suitable opportunity for you we will email or text you to explain there is a potential vacancy that matches your requirements. In that email or text there will be instructions on what to do next. Usually we will provide you with a calendar link where you can book a video call with us to discuss the opportunity in more detail.

If a role matches my requirements will I definitely be contacted?

Not necessarily. Quite often there may be a good number of candidates who match the broad criteria for a vacancy. In these instances it will not be possible to discuss the vacancy with every candidate who matches this  broad criteria. When this happens we will scrutinise the ‘nice to have’ criteria set by the client until we have manageable number fo candidates we can reach out to. Please trust that we will want to present the client coporation with the most appropriate options to what they are looking for. Therefore, if you do not genuinely have a chance of getting the role we will not contact you just to make up the numbers.

Will you send my details without contacting me first?

No, we would never send your details without first speaking to you about the opportunity. Not only is this unethical but we want to make sure we only present the client with candidates who are both suitable and genuinely interested in their opportunity. It is not in anyone’s interest for us to do otherwise.

Will I be required to a registration interview?

As specialist headhunters we do differ slightly to standard recruitment agencies who spend a lot of time conducting generic registration interviews in case something comes in, in the future. It is in your interest if we spend the majority of our time trying to generate vacancies. With this in mind we do not do regular checkin calls or require you to attend a registration interview until there is a specific vacancy to discuss. If you are asked to attend a registration interview it will be with a specific role in mind.

What do I do if my search criteria changes?

If your circumstances change or you wish to alter your search criteria you can log in and ammend these directly in your account area at

What do I do if I have forgotten or not received a password?

If you do not recieve a password or you cannot find your password then you can reset your password by using the following link: If you see a message ‘The user does not exist’ then it means that you do not have an account with us. In this instance, please email us at [email protected] and we can investigate things further.